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Meta might bring a chatbot to Instagram

Jun 9, 2023

Meta appears to be testing AI chatbots on Instagram, according to a screenshot shared by leaker Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter. The image indicates a chatbot will answer questions, give advice and “inspire” user creativity. “Bring AI to your chats for a more fun and engaging experience,” the screenshot reads. #Instagram is working on bringing AI Agents (Bots 🤖) to your chats for a more fun and engaging experience 👀 ℹ️ AI Agents will be able to answer questions and give advice ...read more

Reddit’s API updates: all the news about changes that have infuriated Redditors

Jun 9, 2023

Reddit’s new API updates could change the platform forever — but maybe not in a good way. Reddit announced new API changes in April, but ever since Apollo for Reddit developer Christian Selig revealed he’d be on the hook for $20 million per year due to the changes, Redditors have been furious over how the updates might affect third-party apps. Some of Reddit’s biggest communities even plan to go dark for 48 hours in protest. While Reddit did announce that it would exempt accessibility ...read more

ChatGPT app adds Siri and Shortcuts support

Jun 9, 2023

The app is now also optimized for iPads In May earlier this year, OpenAI launched access to ChatGPT through an iOS app in the United States. A subsequent update brought the app to new countries, including Canada, on May 26th. Now, new updates coming to the app bring support for Siri and Shortcuts, alongside easier access to the AI tool across different apps and devices, as spotted by Engadget . As an example, with Shortcuts support, users would be able to ask the ChatGPT iOS app to sol ...read more

240W USB-C PD chargers are nearly here, says Framework CEO

Jun 9, 2023

USB-C is ready to go all the way to 240 watts of power, enough for all but the beefiest gaming notebooks. But though the cables broke cover last year, actual devices have been 100 watts short — the 16-inch MacBook Pro and its compatible chargers have topped out at 140W per port. Now, Framework is taking us to 180 watts — and the CEO expects 240-watt chargers right around the corner. Today, the modular laptop company revealed that it will ship its upcoming Framework Laptop 16 with the fir ...read more

Google Chat introduces Smart Compose for quick conversations

Jun 9, 2023

As part of Google’s recent AI run, the Mountain View, California-based company is now adding ‘Smart Compose’ to Google Chat. The feature, which is already available on Google Docs and Gmail, gives users relevant suggestions on how to finish a sentence using machine learning. According to the company, the feature “saves you time by cutting back on repetitive writing, and also reduces spelling and grammatical errors.” The feature is now rolling out on Google Chat on the web. Paired with ...read more

Devolver Digital’s showcase featured just four games, but they look like good ones

Jun 9, 2023

Devolver Digital shared details and trailers about some projects in development during its latest showcase on Thursday. However, much of the presentation revolved around a tongue-in-cheek mascot, “Volvy,” a fictionalized history of the mascot’s impact on gaming culture, and the “return” of the character as a robot (VOLV-E). It was weird, but that’s kind of Devolver’s thing for its presentations. You can watch the whole 22-minute show right here or catch up on the four featured ga ...read more

Android 14’s lock screen customizations are live in Beta 3

Jun 9, 2023

You can change the clock, its colours and size, and pick new lock screen shortcuts Android 14 Beta 3 arrived yesterday, bringing the beta to the ‘Platform Stability’ stage, where all that’s left is ironing out all the bugs and issues before the final release. It also means we can get a look at some of the finalized features ahead of Android 14’s launch — for example, the new lock screen customizations. Android 14’s lock screen customizations are now live and accessible in B ...read more

Meta’s first generative AI feature will be AI stickers in Messenger

Jun 9, 2023

Meta is bringing AI-generated stickers to Messenger as part of a slew of related features it’s working on for its social apps. During a companywide meeting today that The Verge listened to, Ahmad Al-Dahle, Meta’s vice president of AI, told employees that the company will leverage its image generation model to let users create stickers based on text prompts. Employees will begin testing the feature internally before it’s made available to the public. “With AI-generated stickers, our us ...read more

Prime Minister warns Google, Meta, their ‘bullying tactics’ against Online News Act won’t work

Jun 9, 2023

Both companies have tested ways to block news content on their respective platforms Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Meta and Google are using “bullying tactics” in response to the Online News Act. Known as Bill C-18, the act would force internet giants like Google and Meta to pay Canadian publishers for posting news on their platforms. Both companies have been long been vocal against the bill and are actively testing ways to respond if it becomes law. Back in February, Google co ...read more

Summer Game Fest featured no women onstage

Jun 8, 2023

With the death of E3 nearly complete, Summer Game Fest has become the go-to summer event for gamers to get hyped about. But this year’s Summer Game Fest, while it featured games that included a wide range of genres and a great diversity of characters, did not feature a single woman onstage. Throughout the almost two-hour showcase, host Geoff Keighley brought up a number of personalities to interview onstage. He had industry veteran Ed Boon up to talk about Mortal Kombat 1 . Nic Cage made an ...read more